Simplify Your Life By Whitney Cornelison

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Simplify Your Life Planner Bundle

Simplify your life with a life and home management system that will help you breathe when life feels overwhelming.

Design the Simple Life You Crave.

Have you ever wished for an easier way to manage everything that’s going on in your life? Do you wish you could simplify your life?

If so, I’ve got the perfect solution for you! The Simplify Your Life Planning Bundle is a handy little tool that packs a powerful punch and will help you stay organized and on track. 

It’s been designed specifically with you in mind, and it can make your life a lot simpler. Plus, it’s really easy to use – even if you’re not very organized yourself! 

So if you’re looking for a way to get your family life under control, this planner bundle is definitely worth checking out. 

Trust me, you won’t regret it!



Can Your Answer Yes To These?

Clutter in your home creates distraction in your mind and stress in your life.

Debt weighs you down and slowly suffocates, holding your captive.

You're tired of feeling tired and overwhelmed.

You're ready to simplify your life so you can make time for what matters most.

Everything in your life takes up space. By simplifying your life you create more space in your life for people you love, things you appreciate, and opportunities that help fulfill your purpose. Simplifying your life helps you make time for what matters most.

Overwhelmed Mom

This planner bundle is for moms who wake up feeling overwhelmed with life.


This planner bundle is for the traveler who wants to plan ahead and make the most of their travels.

Desire a Debt-Free Life

For the person who feels the stranglehold of debt. This is your way to take back control and live your best life.

Ready to take back control of your life?


(value $125)


What's inside the bundle?

The Travel Planner will help you plan the best vacation and make magical memories

Christmas Planner to help you beat overwhelm for the holidays

The Budget Planner to help you take control of your money so it doesn't control you

Meal Planner to help you plan meals for the week with what you have and stay within your budget

Over 150 Sanity-Saving Printables

Medical Planner to keep all your medical information and receipts organized

Fitness Planner to help you reach your goals and move your body

The Camping Planner will help you remember what to pack and your itinerary so you can make the most of your time

The Cleaning Planner will help you stay on top of keeping your living space clean and organized so you can breathe


Whitney Cornelison

When my children were little and I was in the trenches of motherhood, I remember those days of making lunches in tears because I couldn't figure out how to keep the house clean, the laundry washed and put away, keep the littles safe, while also making sure we all ate something. Every day I felt more like a firefighter while I ran from one fire to the next trying to stay on top of things and keep all the plates in the air. One wrong move and everything would come crashing down around me. 

This is the planning bundle I wish I had in that season.

Take back control of your life with over 150 sanity-saving printables, so you can make time for what matters most.

Don’t miss out on these 8 planners to simplify your life.

The Budget Planner ($19)

This 12-month planner is designed to help you take control of your finances and get out of debt. With our easy-to-use budget tracker, you can see where your money is going each month and make adjustments to ensure you’re on track.

The Fitness Planner ($15)

This daily fitness tracker can help you track your progress, set goals, and stay motivated. The meal planning and grocery lists feature will help you make healthy eating easier than ever.

the Meal Planner ($12)

This nifty tool takes the guesswork out of meal planning with grocery lists and inventory sheets to keep track of what you have and what you need. Monthly, weekly, and daily menu plans break down how to be the most efficient at planning, while family favorites and a resource for new recipes provide inspiration when you need it most.

With the Simplify Your Life Planner Bundle, you'll be able to

Reduce Your Mental Load

You only have so much bandwidth. Restore balance and stop running from fire to fire.

Take Control of Your Money

Create a budget and establish clear goals. Your financial decisions will become much simpler.

Breathe Again

Declutter your home to restore balance. This will help make your house a home and help you breathe again without feeling overwhelmed.

the Christmas Planner ($18)

With the Simplifying Family Christmas Planner, you can finally relax and enjoy the holidays. This 28-page guide includes everything you need to get ready for Christmas, from gift lists and budget sheets to baking lists and holiday menus.

the Travel Planner ($13)

This comprehensive 18-page guide will help you plan and execute a stress-free vacation. From itineraries and budget sheets to pet sitting checklists and outfit planners, we’ve got you covered.

the Medical Planner ($18)

This handy planner lets you track health issues and family medical history, so you’ll always be prepared. You can also keep track of insurance information, doctors, and medical receipts. Never lose your physical form or eyeglass script again!

the Camping Planner ($12)

This nifty little book is packed with everything you need to make sure your trip goes off without a hitch. From a comprehensive activity planner to keep the kids entertained, to packing checklists and a first aid checklist, we’ve got you covered.

the Cleaning Planner ($18)

This essential guide features room-by-room cleaning checklists to help you practice zone cleaning, as well as four seasons cleaning lists to deep clean for each season. Plus, there’s a bonus 30-day declutter checklist to help you get started on simplifying your home.

Simplify Your Life Planning Bundle ($97)

The Simplifying Family Planner is a life management system that helps you breathe when life feels overwhelming.

Buried in clutter? Calendar crammed with commitments? Not enough money to do what you want? Feel drained and tired? Wish there were a better way? There is!